Indian restaurant - out of apartment complex turn right and you will see the restaurant on the opposite side of the road. Typically Indian dishes, tandoori oven for the authentic tastes.

Italian restaurant built on the side of the hill overlooking Albufeira, stunning views and the options to sit out on the terrace, don't look down if you have a fear of heights.

The Algarve's only Michelin star restaurant is just down the road from the apartment. Based in a boutique hotel, book in advance to avoid disappointment ranked number 22 out of 50 of the world's best restaurants, worth a visit for a special treat.

Typically Portuguese with grilled fish and meat, very close to the apartment this relaxing restaurant offers value for money in comfortable surroundings

In Albufeira this restaurant is situated on the boardwalk in front of the beach (down the escalator), perfect location day or night. A wide selection of food to choose from, beautifully presented - I would highly recommend this restaurant

In Guia - one of the best Piri Piri restaurants you will visit

Rua General Humberto Delgado 25/35, Guia, Albufeira 8200 447.  This restaurant offers a variety of food within cosy surroundings.  In the heart of Guia its within walking distance of samll bars and other restaurants

Turn left out the apartment complex and it is on the next block down. This restaurant offers a more up market experience although has options for all again children are welcomed, in fact the owners Grandchildren often wait on the tables.  They offer Mediterranean and Portuguese cuisine; the meat is a specialty here and the Chateaux Briand one of the best we have tasted.

Turn right out of the apartment complex and just on the next block on the opposite side of the road you will find the imposing restaurant on Sunday afternoons the Portuguese travel and queue to get in here, during the week or in the evening there is not the same pressure. The menu is extremely varied offering something for all as well as a children’s menu or just a smaller portion of the adult options.  Their specialty is the fish option, they offer seven different types of fish with potatoes and vegetables for around 15 this choice is not to be made lightly most fish are full size but delicious and may vary depending on the catch of the day.  If you finish all seven you are given the option to start again at the beginning - are your eyes bigger than your belly???  The manager here speaks fluent English, be careful he is not as "daft" as he acts, great sense of humour and really makes sure you enjoy your time here.